Configure docker and launch container using ansible

#In Linux OS
pip3 install ansible
host_key_checking = false
- hosts: mywebtasks:
- command: "ls -l /dvd"
register: x
ignore_errors: yes
- file:
state: directory
path: "/dvd"
when: x.rc != 0
- mount:
src: "/dev/cdrom"
path: "/dvd"
state: mounted
fstype: "iso9660"
- yum_repository:
name: "docker"
description: "docker repo for package"
gpgcheck: no
- command: "rpm -q docker-ce"
register: y
ignore_errors: yes
- command: "yum install docker-ce --nobest -y"
when: y.rc != 0
- command: "systemctl status docker"
register: docker_status
ignore_errors: yes
- command: "systemctl start docker"
when: docker_status.rc != 0
- command: "systemctl enable docker"
when: docker_status.rc != 0
- pip:
name: "docker-py"
- docker_container:
name: "mycontainer"
state: started
image: httpd
restart: yes
- "1235:80"
- /mywebdata:/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/
register: c
- template:
dest: "/mywebdata"
src: "index.html"
- firewalld:
masquerade: yes
state: enabled
permanent: yes
immediate: yes
ansible-playbook docker.yml




enthusiastic for new technologies

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Dhiraj Kumar

Dhiraj Kumar

enthusiastic for new technologies

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