Ansible and use case solved using ansible

Ansible is an open source software , which is used in automation . Ansible is used in provisioning , configuration management , Application deployment , continuous delivery, security automation, orchestration.

Provisioning is the process in which IT infrastructure is set . It also refers to manage vpc, subnet , setup networking resources and instances are launched . Ansible is used to create automation for provisioning .

Configuration management is a process for maintaining computer systems, servers, and software in a desired, consistent state. It’s a way to make sure that a system performs as it’s expected to as changes are made over time. Ansible is used to create automation for configuration management.

Application deployment is the process in which final product is launched on IT infrastructure for user availability. Ansible does great role for application deployment , it provides automation so that product is deployed easily when any update is came.

Ansible is used in orchestration , Orchestration helps IT to more easily manage complex tasks and workflows. IT teams must manage many servers and applications.

Many IT companies are using Ansible for create IT infrastructure and managing .

NASA also uses ansible for manage all the resources accurately. According to NASA case study

NASA uses ansible for configuration management .

NASA issue was Increase efficiency and cloud migration

Business challenge:

NASA needed to move roughly 65 applications from a traditional hardware based data center to a cloud-based environment for better agility and cost savings. The rapid timeline resulted in many applications being migrated ‘as-is’ to a cloud environment. This created an environment spanning multiple virtual private clouds (VPCs) and AWS accounts that could not be easily managed. Even simple things, like ensuring every system administrator had access to every server, or simple patching, were extremely burdensome.


for solving these issues ,Ansible is used to manage and schedule the cloud environment.


As a result of implementing Ansible Tower, NASA is better equipped to manage its AWS environment. Tower allowed NASA to provide better operations and security to its clients. It has also increased efficiency as a team. By the numbers:

• Updating went from over 1 hour to under 5 minutes

• Patching updates went from a multi-day process to 45 minutes

•Achieving near real-time RAM and disk monitoring (accomplished without agents)

  • Provisioning OS Accounts across entire environment in under 10 minutes

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