Ansible is an opensource software, which is used for configuration management . Ansible is written in python language, it supports YAML language for configuration management.

Ansible is idempotance in nature , it supports declarative language .

In ansible, playbook is created for configuration automaticly . In playbook all the steps…

In this post, i have created automation using ansible.I have created a playbook for configure hadoop cluster

Hadoop: Hadoop is an opensource software , which is used to manage Big data . Hadoop works master-slave cluster.

In hadoop cluster Name node and Data node are avilable , Data node share…

In this blog chatApp is created using UDP protocol in python language . In this chatApp server and client both are working parallel .

For creating ChatApp between two OS , it is necessary to transfer data between two OS. For transfer data protocol is used ,there are two types…

Ansible is an open source software , which is used in automation . Ansible is used in provisioning , configuration management , Application deployment , continuous delivery, security automation, orchestration.

Provisioning is the process in which IT infrastructure is set . It also refers to manage vpc, subnet , setup…

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